The International Examiner October 7, 2009 Comments Off on Unfortunates
  • Initiative 99, Alaskan Way Right of Way (Failed to meet signature requirements)
  • Initiative 100, Construction of City Jail (Failed to meet signature requirements)
  • Referendum 1: Plastic Bag Fee The Seattle bag tax, an attempt to place a 20-cent fee on all plastic carryout bags in Seattle, was rejected by voters by 58 percent in the August primary.
  • Arthur Hu, ran for Northshore School District No. 417 Director District No. 1, garnered about 19.4 percent of primary votes, trailing behind the frontrunners. He will not be in the general election.
  • Al Yuen, ran for Port of Seattle Commissioner Position No. 3, finished third with 15 percent in the primary. He will not be in the general election.

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