Op-Ed: Why is Sharon Lee’s Picture All Over the ID?

Sharon Lee November 16, 2011 9


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By now hundreds of people have seen my face on flyers plastered on telephone and utility poles throughout the International District (ID). These flyers contain lies about me that have been fabricated by the Seattle Solidarity Network (SeaSol), a phony leftist “anarchist” group wishing to lead a revolution for working people.

I am Chinese American and I have been the target of a racist smear campaign by SeaSol. They have posted over 100 flyers in the ID about me and undertaken other actions attempting to defame me. As the Executive Director of the Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), a non-profit housing agency, my staff and I have helped house tens of thousands of needy families and seniors over the past 20 years. We have a long history of providing housing to minorities, immigrant/refugees, API and other underserved households. Over 1,600 low-income families live at Denice Hunt Townhomes, Aki Kurose Village and other LIHI buildings.

Maybe there really is some truth to the saying that “no good deed goes unpunished!” For months SeaSol has been spreading lies about LIHI and me, picketing, and trying to extort money for a disgruntled former tenant. The tenant, George Berumen, had falsely accused his African American neighbor of manufacturing “huge quantities” of drugs in his unit. LIHI investigated these claims repeatedly and found that they were completely unfounded. He eventually decided, on his own accord, to leave the Frye, and when he left, he left his unit in a mess. LIHI kept $99 in deposits and cleaned the unit for another tenant. Instead of going to small claims court to make a case that his security deposit should be refunded, as the law provides for, George decided to join up with SeaSol.

LIHI does not own any housing in the International District, so when asked by a reporter from Real Change why SeaSol would plaster the ID with offensive flyers containing photos of me, they admitted: “It will show the Asian community what type of person she is.” They are out to embarrass me with their racist and poorly thought out campaign.

A key mistake SeaSol made in supporting George was to blindly take the side of one tenant against another tenant. In rental housing, it is not uncommon that problems develop between tenants—including racially motivated and false accusations. We met with SeaSol in September to let them know that the African American neighbor was being falsely accused and that George had not told the truth about leaving his apartment “clean.” We tried to reason with them. We showed them the move-out inspection report identifying the dirty areas where staff had to clean. SeaSol was caught not doing their homework. They would not acknowledge the fact that LIHI and the police investigated and found no drugs. They refused to even talk to the African American neighbor to get his side of the story!

A day after our meeting with SeaSol, in an affront to the civil rights movement, SeaSol decided to picket the opening of Gossett Place. This is a new building LIHI named in honor of King County Council Chair Larry Gossett. He was a founder of the Black Student Union at UW and dedicated his life to the advancement of racial justice. According to Seattle activist “Uncle” Bob Santos, “It is a disgrace for SeaSol to picket the opening of Gossett Place. We are here to celebrate Larry Gossett, who tirelessly fought for racial equality and for those who are under-represented.”

“It is a shame that this group wants to attack the most progressive and effective housing organization helping the homeless and people of color,” stated Beverly Sims, a LIHI board member and civil rights leader, “The agency has a multi-racial and unionized staff. SeaSol picked the wrong ‘enemy.’”

I hope other progressive people will support me and understand the danger of this reactionary campaign against us. SeaSol’s lack of integrity, their blatant racism, their distortion of the truth and their bullying tactics, all lead one to wonder if they truly have poor people’s rights at heart. Perhaps this anarchist group is connected to the far right hoping to defame progressive organizations like LIHI which have proven track records of helping the poor.


  1. Debbie Dickson November 20, 2011 at 9:55 pm -

    Hello my name is Debbie and when we came to Seattle Colby Bradley helped my granddaughter {Vanna} and I to get an apartment in the Lakeview….Colby and Trina really went above and betond to help us and if we do move back to Seattle we hope to rent through LIHI again…when we moved we did it the right way, a month’s notice, cleaned apartment and left on good terms with no monies owed….again we’d like to say Thank You LIHI for ALL your help….
    ~Debbie Dickson~

  2. Albertburns68 November 23, 2011 at 2:23 pm -

    She’s all over the ID because she’s a thief and liar. She should’ve resigned after she was caught forging evidence in order to justify stealing the old man’s deposit. Her properties are all full of drugs and crime.

  3. Danger Ranger November 23, 2011 at 7:24 pm -

    You were caught creating evidence. You weren’t even sophisticated or clever about it. Give the poor man his money and please give up this job for someone less greedy and evil.

  4. curly November 25, 2011 at 6:20 pm -

    Seasol printed an article in nw asian wkly claiming that you posted false photos that showed the toilet on the wrong side of the room

    Was the toilet on the wrong side of the room ?

    What is your response to this claim?

    ps I am leaning toward agreeing with your claim that seasol is racially motivated as they assume the issue involves the asian community as a whole by posting in the id just because you are asian, as if all Asians are supposed to get lumped together anytime an Asian person is involved in a controversy. Seasol claims they put flyers in the ID because frye is next to the id , if that is the case then why not post in the frye neighborhood rather than the id? The response from the seasol supporters below ignore or evade this issue. But that does not make it go away.

    Also has seasol engaged in this kind of personal attack in other campaigns or are they just doing it to you because they think Asians are easy targets?

    Why hasn’t Seasol addressed your claim that the police found no evidence that the neighbor was involved with illegal drugs? Why didn’t Seasol bother to ask the neighbor about his side of the story? Again, ignoring or evading won’t make these questions just disappear.

    Nonetheless I am curious about your response to the photo issue. If you put up a false photo then you are wrong to have done it. But that does not necessarily prove George did not leave a mess. It also would not justify seasol making this into a racial thing. That makes seasol just as guilty of the injustice they claim to be fighting.

  5. Judi Martinez December 1, 2011 at 11:12 am -

    LIHI has helped me twice in the past ten years. I have found there staff to be responsive and to handle business, especially around safety issues. Thank you so much LIHI for helping keep my family and my neighbors in safe & clean housing.