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The first day of training for students at Muses: Conscious Fashion Studio in 2013. • Courtesy Photo

The first day of training for students at Muses: Conscious Fashion Studio in 2013. • Courtesy Photo

The following is a statement from Muses: Conscious Fashion Studio:

Imagine your wardrobe donned with pieces made by responsible apparel production. Imagine dressing in confidence that every garment is sewn with love and care. Imagine what you wear everyday as a conscious movement towards long-term sustainable social change against unethical manufacturing and international sweatshop labor. You are what you wear.

Imagine Seattle breaking the unemployment barrier to provide long-term career pathways for the growing immigrant and refugee population in the fashion industry. Imagine Seattle being the central hub for qualified sewing operators where immigrants and refugees are given the opportunity to receive hands-on training in apparel production skills to meet the surging demand for “Made in the USA” in the fashion industry. You can make a difference.

Now let that imagination become a reality.

Innovatively merging a social need and market demand, Muses Conscious Fashion Studio capitalizes on this opportunity to bring low-income immigrants and refugees from the margins of our economy to the forefront of the movement for locally and responsibly manufactured apparel.

Muses envision a sustainable future as a leading local and ethical apparel production studio, which equips our students with the skills and opportunities to become self-sufficient. Joining together with the immigrant communities, fashion designers and manufacturers, and consumers, Muses aim to embrace slow fashion values around high-quality and responsibly made apparel. Muses’ innovative solution not only secures social and economic integration for low-income immigrants and refugees, but sees them as leaders in the ethical fashion movement.

Since its inauguration in 2013, Muses successfully piloted its first training program in apparel production that welcomed five talented women from Burma and Mongolia. Led by an industry-expert instructor that taught the basics of pattern making, cutting, and sewing, this movement earned the attraction of two designer contracts, Green Eileen and BYDFAULT, providing the students real-life experience in the industry.

Muses however, believe that this movement has just begun. Muses envision Seattle becoming the central hub for the advancement of innovation for both the social and business sector—inspiring other cities to take on the feat of breaking financial, social and systemic barriers for people in the community.

For 2015, Muses need your support for the hunt of a new studio space and industrial sewing machines to accommodate a growing class of students. With each donation, you will be contributing directly to each thread, each fabric, each cut and each stitch.

Join Muses on this journey and start donating at youcaring.com/seattlemuses.

Muses aims to build financial stability and social integration for low-income immigrants and refugees through hands-on training in apparel production skills increasingly demanded by the fashion industry locally and nationally. Muses will then connect them to job opportunities, including Muses’ own apparel production house specializing in low volume and responsible manufacturing. Nurturing local talents stemming from around the globe, Muses revives the fine art of creating handcrafted, “Made in Seattle” apparel. For more information, visit youcaring.com/seattlemuses.

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