‘The Tiny King’ a fit for all

Fei Wu Huang December 26, 2015 0


The life of a tiny king can take a turn for for worse sometimes as seen in Taro Miura’s children’s book The Tiny King. Given everything that a king desires in life, from a gigantic castle to living a lavish lifestyle of riches and possession, the Tiny King finds himself constantly at a state of unrest. The only obstacle that this he can’t seem to hurdle is the fact that he lives in a reality that is too big for his own comfort.

The Tiny King finds himself sitting at the dinner table unable to finish all of the food that has been prepared for him. He quickly realizes he is no match to ride on his white horse as it is so much bigger than he is. When it comes to bedtime, he spends many countless hours at night feeling sad and lonely when he realizes that as small person in such a big world, he has no one to share of all his possessions with.

One day everything changes when he realizes the solution to all of his problems lies in a person that is much bigger than he is. He meets a princess and decides that the only way out of his lonely and sad reality is to court the princess to be his queen. Not long after, what became unfit for a small king like him became just the right size for him and his queen and not to mention their 10 children. He was able to find joy and happiness by sharing a life with others.

Miura’s book is more than just your typical fairytale—The Tiny King shares a universal message and speaks volumes about how riches and power do not mean that you’re living a fulfilling life. This simple story of a tiny king with a big heart and huge amounts of love to share is one that is perfectly fitting for any person of any size.

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