I-124 would protect hotel workers against harassment and discrimination

The International Examiner July 2, 2016 0

At left, the Moore Theatre and Hotel, on the National Register of Historic Places. •  Photo by Joe Mabel

Initiative 124, which could appear on Seattle’s ballot this November, would protect Seattle’s hotel housekeepers from sexual harassment, discrimination and inhumane workloads. It would also improve access to affordable healthcare and provide basic job security for employees of large hotels.  Nearly 90 percent of hotel workers are women, and a large majority of those are immigrants and people of color. Here is a statement from OneAmerica Votes Chief Executive Rich Stolz:

“We strongly support Initiative 124, which would give members of our community, including immigrant and refugee workers, long-needed protections against harassment, dangerous workloads, inadequate pay and more. No one should feel unsafe at work due to threats of violence or inadequate worker protection. Hotel housekeepers and room servers have some of the lowest-paid and highest-risk jobs in the U.S., with an injury rate higher than that of coal miners and construction workers. We must ensure all hotel housekeeping staff has access to a safe, healthful and secure work environment with access to healthcare and an equitable wage. I-124 would tangibly improve the lives of some of Seattle’s most vulnerable workers.”

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