Opinion: We want justice for Indian victims shot in Washington and Kansas

The International Examiner March 14, 2017 0

The following statement is from the Chinese American Citizens Alliance (C.A.C.A.) Seattle Lodge:

We are appalled that there have been two recent cases where Indian Americans have been targeted and assaulted. The first case, in Olathe, Kansas, resulted in the killing of 32-year old Srinivas Kuchibhotla, and shooting of his friend, Alok Madasan, in Austin’s Bar and Grille. People from India or of Indian descent are Asian, not Mid-Eastern, which was the mistaken belief of the shooter, Adam Purinton.

The second case was in Kent, Washington. Deep Rai was working on his vehicle in his driveway when a white man wearing a mask, approached and caused an altercation. The unprovoked shooting resulted in an arm injury to Rai. The shooter escaped.

We expect that both crimes be thoroughly investigated by local authorities and the FBI. Each case was indeed a Hate Crime. There is no other way to classify both crimes, because both shooters preceded with a rant, “get out of my country!”

This unprovoked killing and/or wounding of two innocent Indian Nationals and an Indian American, are examples of the gross misunderstanding and heinous disregard for life that has permeated America this year. There is open hostility and discrimination in our country against Mid-Eastern and other people of color. Misinformed individuals are acting with twisted assumptions and harmful actions, creating fear in our communities.

The attack on these Indian National and Indian American victims echo earlier unjustified hostility and hate towards people of color during times of stress in our nation. Past key examples include the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, the expulsion and exclusion of Chinese immigration to America for 63 years, and now, aggression towards Mid-Eastern and Muslim people.

C.A.C.A Seattle joins other concerned justice organizations in our community, to demand justice for Kuchibhotla, Madasani and Rai. We will monitor these investigations. Meanwhile, local citizens and law enforcement branches need to be alert to additional cases of hate crime and when there is discrimination based on race or national origin.

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