Conscious Choices: Sound Transit inflated car tabs—bait and switch—fraud?

Maria Batayola April 10, 2017 0

Photo by Awmcphee

Letter to the editor

The Seattle Times April 8 article on “Talk, little action on inflated car tabs” got my goat.

I voted for the increase in car tabs because I support Sound Transit’s build out.  Never did I imagine that they would bait and switch the car tabs calculation method to collect more money from us .

Without honest prior notice to voters on the ballot that Sound Transit would change the industry standard “blue book” reference valuation for cars to their home grown car valuation method, particularly for older cars, the whole thing feels like a bait and switch, and a breech of public trust.

If the legislation won’t—not can’t, but won’t—fix this, then our fearless Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Secretary of State Kim Wyman should put their heads together to see if the increased car tab vote should be investigated, overturned, and/or take Sound Transit to court.

Maria Batayola

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