CWU welcomes students from Japan as summer visitors

The International Examiner September 5, 2017 0

The Tamamura students and group members visit, and pose for a picture, near the Tamamura Rose Garden on the CWU campus • Courtesy of Central Washington University

Earlier this summer, 20 students from Tamamura and Minami Junior High Schools came to visit Central Washington University (CWU).

The students come from Tamamura, Japan, a town about 64 miles northeast of Tokyo, which maintains a relationship with Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington.

In honor of their friendship, several years ago some of the exchange students and their families from Tamamura donated flowers for the Tamamura Rose Garden in front of Bouillon Hall.

In addition, 36 other visiting students from the University of Shimane Junior College and the University of Shimane remained on the CWU campus through Saturday, August 26. Accompanied by two faculty members, they’ve come to Ellensburg primarily to study English and learn about American culture.

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