‘The Bear Who Wasn’t There’ is a joy for anyone that loves animals

Fei Wu Huang December 6, 2017 0

The Bear Who Wasn’t There is sure to bring out the laughter and giggles in readers of all levels as the hunt for a missing bear takes center stage. Featuring an attention-hogging duck, an embarrassed giraffe, a pun-spouting hare, an outraged reptile, a plethora of whacky avians and one bewildered author and illustrator, this book is as amusing as it is original. Readers quickly come to find out that they’re being lead to all the wrong places. The search begins with the duck who tries everything he can to make us believe that a story of a duck is far more interesting than that of a missing bear through his commentary and antics. This idea, however, is used as the linchpin of this crazy search. From page to page, we come across funny and awkward situations, but still no bear. The reader encounters a giraffe using the toilet followed by the duck performing a magic trick on a moose. The book even features word play as the animals confuse a boar with a bear, a pear with a bear, and the phrases “a bare hare” and “a bear here.” Through all the chaos that is taking place, a monkey figures out a bright idea and calls for everybody to be front and center. But to no avail—there is still no bear present, and a duck who is still interested in a story about a duck. As the search continues, the reader realize that the footprints on several of the book’s pages eventually lead to the unlikeliest of locations for a bear. The concept for this cleverly-executed picture book is imaginative, particularly since it is carried out all the way through the book, and it is a joy for anyone that loves animals.

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